Sunday, July 12, 2009

Critical Alpha

All of the pilots out there will know just what the title means. For the rest of you: alpha is the angle of attack of a wing. The critical alpha is the angle of attack that results in the wing stalling and it's also the place where just before you get there the wing is creating its greatest lift. That's the simple version and it exemplifies what I'm attempting with this blog: great posts with the occasional stall!
So what's the subject matter? Well the only things worth writing about are food, flying, fucking, architecture and sailing. Sometimes I might be moved to rail against politicians or others who want me to do things their way. Otherwise it'll be about f, f, f, a and s and not necessarily in that order.
What about me? Well, I'm just a pretty ordinary guy from Australia. The stats tell me that I've lived over half my likely lifespan. All that means really is that I'm more confused now than I was when I started out in this life.
I really welcome comments - I guess a comment means that I've got at least one reader and I'm therefore not doing this entirely as a matter of self gratification. Please remember though that this is my blog so I reserve the right to moderate comments. If you'd like to comment then please do so in a generous manner - play the ball not the man - and don't use the comment space to attack others. Please also stick to the point of the post that you are commenting about.

So let's get started...

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