Wednesday, October 21, 2009


My significant other isn't an early waker, so that's always meant that I have a solitary half hour or so first thing in the morning. I used to jump up and do my email and maybe some work on the laptop. But that's all changed.
Now I reach over and pull the phone off charge and start a bit of a morning ritual. First cab off the rank is my email. Who's said what to whom overnight? Any issues that need to be dealt with? What sort of continuing conversation is going on in the Apple Support forums about the
Then it's off to Pocket Weather (AU) to see what the forecast is and also to look at the weather radar to see what's coming. If I'm planning on flying I jump over to NAIPS for iPhone and get a briefing of wherever it is I'm intending to be flying. I've done that the last 4 Tuesdays in fact and each time we've ultimately ended up not flying due wx. My daughter and I have been hanging out to go off on a Tuesday jaunt somewhere, taking alternate sectors as PIC. Hopefully next week!
The news is next. The ABC's iPhone app is simple and works well. I'm addicted to the Justin news section on their website. The iPhone app dishes it up in an easy to read format. Then I might look at the AP app from Associated Press or the very classy Time app. Time have managed to shoehorn a weekly magazine format and the classic "Time look" into an iPhone app. It looks and works really great. Final stop in the news round is TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog. This is a site that really does what it says it does. The volume of content is good, it's in bite size snippets, it has an opinion and the app works well enough. If you want commentary on Apple, iPhone, apps or anything related this is not a bad place to go.
Next stop is Tweetie2 (have you tried this new version of Tweetie - yes it costs but boy it's good). I like to see who has said what outrageous thing about what overnight. It's the good thing about living downunder: people are working for your enjoyment whilst you sleep -;)
The final stop is Appigo Todo and the Calendar app. This is where I find out what's on my list for the day and what appointments I have.
In half an hour I feel like I'm informed and in touch. Ready to start the day.
Then it's time to get up and make the coffee for my loved one.

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