Monday, November 30, 2009

Australia Post #fail

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Australia Post and Telstra both used to be the same organisation. Maybe it's because these Australian icons are big, fat, happy and could do with a heap more competition. Whatever the case, Telstra's closest rival in the poor service stakes is Australia Post.
Take this for an example: I ordered some replacement parts, back in September. They were sent to me via Australian Air Express - an Australia Post offshoot. They were marked for delivery on 21-9-09. But they were never delivered. Not a word, dead silence, nowhere to be found.
Today 30-11-09 I received a card through my door telling me that it was a "Final Notice" to collect the package from the Fitzroy South Post Office. It may be a final notice, but it's also a first and only notice. The parcel has been sitting at Fitzroy South Post Office since 21-9-09. Today they decide to tell me about it.
So when you see those stupid ads something about "Australia Post - we deliver", you need to understand that there's a word missing. The word is "don't" Australia Post don't deliver. At least not for over 2 months.
Also please take a lot of care in interpreting both the "Air" and the "Express" in Australian Air Express. There's nothing express about two months.
If this were a one-off occurrence I suppose I might not have written this. But it is not. I get mail delivered for every address under the sun - just not mine. Collingwood Post Office can take up to a month to get around to putting a letter in my PO Box.
Parcels are never delivered, the driver simply drives up to the door, doesn't knock and just puts a card through the door - I've watched them do it!!
Do something about finding some customer service and try to learn how to deliver stuff Australia Post. At the moment you don't do either thing.

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