Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Story of Love & Travel

I attended a wedding this weekend, to protect the innocent in this story I will use initials for the key players.
"A" was marrying her fiancee "B"; B's identical twin brother "C" had returned from overseas to be B's Best Man. Like a proper Best Man, C had slaved for weeks to prepare his speech. However at the reception he got up and said: "I'm not going to give the speech I prepared, instead I'm going to tell you a story of Love and Travel which I have just heard this week". Here's the story:
More than 8 years ago when A and C had just got together they were forced by circumstance to spend a few weeks apart over Christmas. Being in love, A wrote B a love letter. B was sharing a student house with C and with another guy "P"; he didn't want them to read the beautiful letter that he had received from A so he hid a slit in the cushion of the old sofa that they had in their student house.
Later B and C moved out of the house and sold the sofa to P; B forgot the letter hidden so carefully. Later P moved out of the house and, after carefully cleaning the sofa, he sold it to another person. The letter still didn't come to light, B had hidden it well.
The new owner of the sofa happened to feel something in one of the cushions one day and the letter at last came to light. Not quite knowing what to do with it, the new owner stuffed it in his knapsack. Shortly afterwards he travelled to Amsterdam and stayed there in a random house. Finding the letter in his knapsack, and still not knowing what to do with it he gave it to the owner of the house.
This woman thought it was a beautiful letter and so she put it up on the wall of her kitchen.
Much later another Australian visitor came into possession of the letter, after seeing it on the wall of the same Amsterdam house. This Australian returned to Australia and being equally moved by the letter he put it up on the wall of his house.
By chance P visited that house and saw the letter and its envelope - he recognised the addressee. Though never having seen the letter before he, after many years, again became the "owner" of the letter. Along with the letter came the missing story of its discovery in the sofa and its travels to Amsterdam and back - handed from each "owner" to the next as it travelled.
When C arrived in Sydney for the wedding he met up with P and P said "I've got a letter and a story for you".
The whole audience at the reception were awestruck by the story and when C reached into his pocket and pulled out the letter, in its original envelope, there was rapturous applause. He opened it and read the first paragraph. It was simple and it said something like: "I missed you so much this Christmas that I realise that it's you I want to spend the rest of my life with."
By this time the Bride and Groom were both in tears.

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