Sunday, May 1, 2011

Six Weeks - It's Magical!

The physio has been saying to me "the magic date is 6 weeks." She doesn't really know why but she maintains that 6 weeks post-surgery seems to be a big milestone for people like me with a spinal fusion. Well guess what? I think she's right. I walked into her rooms this week and she said just two words: "New man". She felt that I looked different, was walking much better and overall looked like I was making big progress. I felt the same.
Today is 42 days post-op. I've walked 28.8 kilometres for the week, not including local jaunts and coincidental stuff around the house and up and down stairs. I still feel like my back aches a lot, I still have right buttock pain but it all feels much more controllable.
Immediately after surgery my weight started a slow but steady decline as I had reduced appetite and was increasing exercise. That decline had stopped, and indeed somehow in week 5 I put on 500 grams, much to my disgust. However the weight loss has resumed this week and I'm feeling good for it.
The remaining issue is sitting, I can't do that for very long at all and somehow I need to do that in order to return to work. Six weeks was always the target date for return to work. That's not going to happen but there's nothing I can do about that!
I also had an unexpected experience on Friday. I attended the funeral of a fellow pilot, killed in an air crash recently. I couldn't sit down for that long, so I stood for a bit over an hour. Standing still for an hour, however, reproduced an old back problem that I hadn't experienced for at least 10 years and which is not associated with the levels that I've had surgery on! Go figure that one!!
So in summary a really good week. Next target is to start to get off the last 2 painkillers that I'm on.

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