Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ady Gil - Part 3

A further update is generated from this video which was posted on 8 January, after my last two posts. It is clear from this video that the Japanese vessel was approaching Ady Gil from astern and was therefore the give way vessel with Ady Gil as the stand on vessel. In my view this video swings weight behind the claims of Sea Shepherd that fault rests with the Japanese. There still remains a small question in my mind about whether Ady Gil was in fact maintaining a proper look out and doing all she could to avoid collision. That issue is however much diminished by this video.
Just as a further note however, it is interesting how partial "pictures" make it hard to determine just what went on. The problem also is that each party is engaged in a propaganda war and has been for some years. That makes Joe or Jane Public less inclined to believe either party, making it harder in turn to work out what went on.

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