Friday, January 22, 2010

The Bidding War

Politicians are mugs. They can't help but let the opposition wind them up. Then the poor, long suffering populace get....what they deserve. Yes, it's an election year.
Let's take the horrendous bush fires that Victoria suffered, almost a year ago. A very large number of people died and a very large amount of property was destroyed. It was a dreadful day, it had an apocalyptic feel to it. I never wish to see that kind of destruction and loss of life again in my lifetime.
The problem is that the Premier of Victoria, in my view pushed by the opposition, has spent the whole year asserting that he won't let it happen again. Read my lips: it can happen again and it will. I've been faced with the destruction of my house in a bushfire, it wasn't finally destroyed but that was by the narrowest of margins. What I know is that if you live amongst the bush in Australia then at some point you risk losing your house and your life. No government can change that. Any government that asserts that they can is not being straight with you. Any government that lets an opposition push them to assert that, well they're mugs.
So now in Victoria we are in the midst of a "law and order" bidding war between the government and the opposition. The opposition is pushing and the government is playing right into their hands. "We'll crush the hoons' cars with bigger crushers than you." "No we will."
Sorry guys it's all crap . The government can never win a game like this and whatever happens the only people who are really better off are the opposition who feel better and the companies that run the privatised prisons. They'll have their facilities full to overflowing and still the populace won't be better off.
All I can say is give it a rest!! Don't insult our intelligence and for goodness sake don't go the way of New South Wales where they think they're better off but they're not. All they've got is a problem with overcrowded prisons.

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